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Find the Best Surgeons for Nose Reduction Surgery

Apr 7, 2022 | The Clinic London

Find the Best Surgeons for Nose Reduction Surgery

Rhinoplasty can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and the nose you want.

The nose is located at the center of the face. It’s the key to achieving balance and harmony. However, not everyone possesses a perfect nose. Thus, many people want to know how to find the best surgeon and nose reduction cost.

In this article, I will talk about how to find the best surgeons for rhinoplasty or nose reduction surgery and why it is important.

The Importance of Seeking the Best Plastic Surgeons

The Importance of Seeking the Best Plastic Surgeons

Getting the right surgeon to operate on your nose is a crucial step.

Here are the reasons why it’s important to find the best plastic surgeons for your nose job:

1. You get permanent results.

Unlike non-surgical nose jobs that deliver temporary results, a surgical nose job produces permanent results.

In fact, my patients enjoy the results of nose jobs at my clinic for decades. Some enjoy the results for a lifetime.

2. You save money in the long run.

A surgical nose job may be expensive at first glance, but it usually is not in the long run. Think about this: you only get to pay once for permanent results.

The collective amount you spend on non-surgical nose jobs and nasal fillers accumulates. This cost is usually higher than getting a one-time surgical nose job.

3. You get safe and effective results.

Working with the right surgeon allows you to enjoy safe and effective results.

For one, you don’t have to worry about getting complications down the road. You also don’t have to think about getting botched surgeries, as the best surgeons deliver effective results.

How to Find the Best Nose Surgeon Near You

How to Find the Best Nose Surgeon Near You

Credible surgeons have membership in medical organisations.

It’s essential to choose an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in order to achieve your goals. Plastic surgery on nose requires a balance between an understanding of your goals, thorough attention to technique, paired with artistry, and experience.

1. Look at the surgeon’s credentials.

The UK imposes strict regulations regarding surgical practice. It’s to ensure that surgeons are trained and skilled in reconstructive surgery, primarily in the NHS.

Usually, surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery are a member of medical organisations. A surgeon’s initial training is used as a basis to become a member of these organisations.

2. Choose a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in the face.

Finding a surgeon that specialises in the face is important. Surgeons who operate on the body perform the surgery using centimeters. However, facial operations, specifically eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and facelift surgery uses millimeters. It requires greater attention and expertise.

3. View the surgeon’s before & after results.

Most surgeons own a portfolio of examples of their patients’ before and after photos. Qualified surgeons even have a gallery on their websites. A surgeon’s potential can be determined by looking at their previous works.

Cosmetic surgery needs both technique and artistry. Thus, your result will depend on the surgeon conducting the surgery.

4. Ask to see simulated results.

Your surgeon should be able to analyse your photographs and show you their calculated results. Other surgeons may use a traditional way to analyze your photos, while some may use computer morphing software.

5. Trust your instincts.

It’s important to find a surgeon who understands your goals, expectations, and desires. Communication is key. It’s also essential you feel comfortable with your surgeon.

Why People Have Rhinoplasty

Why People Have Rhinoplasty

Other than their aesthetic benefits, people turn to nose jobs for their medical benefits too.

Whether medical or cosmetic, people get nose jobs for several reasons. Some reasons are:

1. A nose job improves your appearance.

Some people were not born with their ideal noses. This leads to some seeking to improve their noses’ appearance.

If you desire to improve your nose appearance, a nose job can help you. Rhinoplasty helps you change your nose’s symmetry, shape, and size. Regardless, rhinoplasty helps you achieve your goals.

2. Rhinoplasty boosts your confidence.

A nose with a strange appearance can decrease your confidence. It can affect your relationship with people. Additionally, if you have an appearance-based job, an unattractive nose might cost you your job.

Rhinoplasty changes your nose’s appearance. Thus, it can prevent these things to happen. Also, rhinoplasty can boost your confidence.

Furthermore, rhinoplasty can help you perform your job better as well as your social relationships.

3. A nose job corrects a botched procedure.

Botched procedures can cause the nose to appear unattractive.

Botched procedures can cause the nose to appear unattractive.

Rhinoplasty can also correct a botched bose job. Therefore, this should be done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

4. Rhinoplasty fixes an injured nose.

An unattractive nose isn’t natural to everyone. It can also be acquired through severe injuries.

Additionally, severe injuries can lead to complications. Severe injury can make your nose appear worse as well.

Therefore, addressing an injured nose should be done as soon as possible. Other than that, getting the surgery done by a qualified surgeon must also be considered.

5. A nose job helps with many nasal issues.

A congenital issue like deviated septum can cause long-term effects on you. The only solution for that is through a deviated septum surgery.

This procedure is also known as septoplasty. It’s designed to enhance nose function. Also, it can correct various nasal issues like inherited ones.

In particular, a nose job can also fix congenital issues like breathing difficulty nosebleed, and nasal infection.

Nose Reduction Cost: How Much Is a Nose Job UK?

Nose Reduction Cost: How Much Is a Nose Job UK?

Nose reduction cost highly depends on the patient’s needs and other factors.

Have you been wondering how much for nose job? You’re at the right place.

The cost of a nose job in the UK is between £4,000 to £7,000. Nose job prices will depend on the cost of each component.

● Consultation
First, nose reduction surgery cost depends on consultation.

You must consult a doctor, before getting a nose job and accurate rhinoplasty costs. During the consultation, some doctors charge an upfront fee.

You might be required to pay a consultation fee. It’s in addition to your nose job fee. However, it depends on the doctor.

● Medical Tests
Second, nose reduction surgery cost depends on the medical tests you need.

Depending on one’s needs, some patients are required to undergo medical tests.

Additionally, due to the pandemic, getting a COVID-19 test might be required. This ensures that you’re virus-free and non-infectious.

● Anaesthesia
Third, nose reduction surgery cost depends on the anaesthesia used.

My clinic uses sedation anaesthesia. It’s because sedation is safer compared to general anaesthesia. Additionally, sedation anaesthesia offers a shorter recovery period.

Though more expensive, sedation anaesthesia ensures your comfort and safety during the procedure.

● Surgeon Fees
Surgeons who are skilled and experienced will often have a higher charge than those who don’t.

Surgeons who are skilled and experienced will often have a higher charge than those who don’t.

Nose reduction cost also depends on the surgeon’s fees.

Surgeons with advanced skills charge higher than those who don’t. Due to their safety and better delivery of results, more experienced and skilled surgeons are always worth the price.

● Facility Use
Nose reduction cost also depends on facility use.

Usually, maintenance fees are divided among the patients using it. Additionally, regular sanitation of tools is done to avoid infection.

The cost will depend on the type of facility you’ll use. Private facilities cost more. However, they’re cleaner and less crowded. They’re also safer due to their low infection risk.

● Post-Op Care
Lastly, nose reduction cost depends on post-op care.

After the surgery, a few things must be purchased like ice packs and medicine. These will be used for your nose to immediately recover.

Some cosmetic surgeons provide post-op support without additional charges. However, other cosmetic surgeons might ask for an additional fee.

You also have to consider your time off of work to let your nose job heal properly.


Rhinoplasty is a complex and intricate procedure. It requires years of experience, artistry, and vast knowledge. Thus, finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon to operate on you is a must.

Do you want to talk to an expert nose reduction surgeon who knows the best nose jobs for different shapes and faces? Book a consultation with Dr. Julian de Silva now!

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