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Natural Chin Implants Surgery

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Dr Julian De Silva #1 Specialist Revision Chin Implant

A small chin can look unbalanced and weak

Chin augmentation with a customised implant restores balance and harmony to a person’s face

A Good Chin looks 100% Natural, customised to the individual’s jaw line and is a very fast recovery with minimal or no scarring


Chin Impants/Augementation

Chin Implant Surgery London

CA chin implant when completed by an expert can give both facial balance and harmony and is a low-risk procedure that often looks great even days after the procedure. Chin deficiency is typically noticeable when looking at a person’s side profile, as the chin should align with the philtrum (junction between nose and upper lip).

How is a chin implant inserted?

Dr De Silva inserts chin implants on their own as a single procedure, or commonly in conjunction with another procedure, such as rhinoplasty, facelift or neck lift surgery to enhance the result.

Dr Julian De Silva Customises each Silicone Implant to fit each patient’s individual jawline. The chin implant can be inserted under a local anaesthesia commonly with sedation, by making a small incision under the chin in a natural, hidden crease. Often patients look really good and natural just 1-week after procedure.

Traditional Chin surgery involved making cuts into the jaw (mentoplasty) and resetting of the position of the jaw (orthognathic surgery). This involved substantial surgery with realignment of the jaw. There was a long recovery time, with a risk of crossbite and nerve injury. Many patients do not require this level of invasive procedure and by using a modern procedure can have a faster recovery with less issues or risks.

Chin implants provide a very safe way of avoiding mentoplasty while restoring natural proportions to the face. In a woman, a chin implant restores harmony and natural beauty. In a man, the chin is one of the features of sexual dimorphism and makes a male face more masculine and attractive.

A chin implant, or chin augmentation, is a procedure that Dr De Silva performs relatively frequently. It is an option if you have a small chin or if the lower portion of the jawbone lies behind the lips. The name given to this appearance in medical jargon “microgenia” (micro means small, genia means chin).

Detail is Important. The surgery can be completed with a scarless procedure inside your mouth or an incision less than 12 millimeters in width. A larger scar is not necessary, Dr De Silva has completed revision chin implant surgery for patients with much larger scars, however these are not required. Dr De Silva believes in going the extra mile and to stop implants moving providers two tiny 10mm or smaller titanium screws to ensure the implant does not move (Note. Most surgeons do not complete this, however if the implant moves there are then required with a further procedure.)


Chin implants are frequently needed to give a better result with rhinoplasty surgery in about 20% of patients. Dr De Silva takes multiple high-definition photos of your face in profile and uses the latest in Digital Animation to simulate the size of the chin implant. In some cases, he can provide a visual approximation of how your chin implant surgery will look.

Why Choose Dr De Silva in Harley Street, London ?

Dr Julian De Silva is a widely credited and celebrated facial plastic surgeon who specialises ONLY in the FACE. Facial surgery is intricate, your eyes, nose, face and neck areas, and is known for Natural Results and Rast Recovery technology. 

“We are proud to have over 1000 5* reviews. My focus has always been to be the very best at what I do, to continually innovate to provide World Class leadership with my team, my patients and my associates. My mission is to help every patient be the very best version of themself with World-Class services, life-long follow up with complimentary facial aesthetic procedures.” 

As an Artist, all of Dr De Silva’s portrait paintings are vision in the World Class Facility at 23 Harley Street, custom built for Facial Treatments. 

Dr Julian De Silva has Taught Surgery to other surgeons in the USA for over 8 years. “I have always been a passionate teacher and as director of the course I am committed to inspiring the next generation of surgeons.”

As a father and a Family Man he understands how important our appearance, health and well being is for happiness. Dr De Silva is in demand, please be patient if we are unable to offer you an appointment immediately, Dr De Silva is a detailed surgeon, he takes extra time with every patient to understand your needs and expectations, facial treatment is a blend of both precision and artistry, and takes time.

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    Only the Face

    By focusing entirely on only facelift & facial cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr De Silva is able to provide the expertise that can only come with specialisation: facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin implants.

    Natural Looking Results

    Dr De Silva is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results.

    Fast Recovery

    Dr De Silva has pioneered the advances in technology to speed up recovery with a combination regenerative medicine techniques, Oxygen and LED Therapy.

    World Class Expertise

    Dr De Silva also teaches other surgeons internationally and has contributed to the development of advanced surgical techniques, laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives.

    Chin Implant Technique And Procedure

    Who needs a chin implant?

    This figure on the left shows the normal position of the chin in relation to the lips. In a person with good facial proportions the lower lips is 1-2mm behind the upper lid and the chin is 1-2mm behind the lower lip. There are variations in facial harmony and balance based on genetics, gender and ethnicity.

    The figure on the left shows the position of a recessed chin which is positioned (>5mm) behind a vertical green line drawn through the lips. With chin augmentation the chin is moved forward and the relative distance from the lips to the chin is reduced. Dr De Silva uses reference points on the face to evaluate proportions, however the artistry of chin augmentation also includes taking in to account gender, ethnicity and chin shape into account with chin shaping.

    Are other procedures performed at the same time as chin implants?

    Chin implants are often used in conjunction with rhinoplasty to improve facial proportions and give a more balanced result. In addition, neck fat reshaping can be beneficial for some patients to improve the natural jaw line and create an attractive angle between the jaw and chin.

    In patients wither further signs of facial ageing, there may be laxity of the skin and soft tissues with the appearance of jowls, deep facial lines and neck skin folds. Patients with these signs of facial ageing would benefit from a face and neck lift in addition to the chin implant.

    Why have a chin implant?

    Common reasons why patients ask Dr De Silva for help

    • Self-conscious about side profile
    • Hiding chin e.g. avoiding photos
    • Filler is okay as a short-term solution, but because it is a soft gel it provides limited improvement; costly and inconvenient long-term
    • Consciously pushing jaw forward to hide chin
    • Men often grow beard resulting in an older appearance

    Dr De Silva recommends:

    • Natural shaping of implant to jawline (key importance for a natural look)
    • Avoid movement with fixing implant (Dr De Silva uses two 8mm titanium screws)
      Chin implant has major advantages in recovery over alternative invasive surgery (genioplasty, jaw surgery)
    • For younger patients with a fuller neck, shaping and contouring of the neck with customised fat reshaping and reduction, and Dr De Silva’s signature tightening stitches provides greater definition in the neck
    • With Dr De Silva’s sedation anaesthesia patients can go home less than 1-hour after the procedure

    World Class Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

    Chin Impant Before & Afters

    Dr De Silva has transformed thousands of faces through his unique surgical techniques. Below is a small sample of some of his transformations.


    What our satisfied clients are saying

    “The whole process from start to finish has been outstanding. Dr Julian De Silva acted professionally from the outset, he listened very carefully to what I wanted and most importantly, delivered the best results I could have possibly asked for.”


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