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For patients who demand the best facelift results and attention to detail with facial cosmetic surgery Dr Julian De Silva is the first choice. Dr De Silva specialises in delivering top-tier facelift results and is renowned for his expertise in facelift procedures. Based in the World-Renowned Harley Street medical area of London.

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Facial cosmetic surgery

Dr Julian De Silva

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Julian De Silva - Harley Street, London

Dr De Silva specialises exclusively in facelift and facial treatments, focusing on face and neck lifts, eye and nose surgery, and is renowned for achieving natural-looking results. His expertise includes the development of the signature Vertical Face Restore 7, an advanced deep plane facelift technique seamlessly integrated with other facial procedures for a naturally youthful rejuvenation.

Facial cosmetic surgery is both an art and a science where minute measurements can make a significant difference. Dr. De Silva has been at the forefront of facelift technological advancements to expedite recovery, employing a combination of regenerative medicine techniques, oxygen therapy, and LED therapy.

Dr De Silva is a pioneer in revision facelift surgery, with over 20% of his patients opting for corrective procedures following previous surgeries elsewhere. Over the past decade, he has spearheaded the use of ‘Twilight sedation,’ earning pending patent approval for his innovative research. His dedication to minimising risks associated with general anaesthesia resulted in the establishment of a custom State-of-the-Art Surgical Centre dedicated to facial procedures, circumventing general hospitals.

Central to his values are trust and sincerity, acknowledging the inevitability of revision surgery or complications. Through gold standard techniques, innovation, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, Dr De Silva has significantly reduced risks, exemplified by his achievement of lowering the risk of hematoma after neck lift surgery from the scientifically documented 10-12% to less than 2%.

Beyond patient care, Dr. De Silva is an international educator, imparting his knowledge to other facelift surgeons. He has played a pivotal role in advanced surgical techniques, laser technology, and stitch-less tissue adhesives. The Vertical Face Restore 7 techniques, designed by Julian for natural facial rejuvenation, have earned him the gold medal for research from the Imperial College (Royal Society of Medicine), with his research widely published in over 30 peer-reviewed journals and books.

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Facelift & Facial Only Treatments

By focusing entirely on only facelift & facial cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr De Silva is able to provide the expertise that can only come with specialisation: facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin implants.

Natural Looking Results

Dr De Silva is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results.

Fast Recovery

Dr De Silva has pioneered the advances in technology to speed up recovery with a combination regenerative medicine techniques, Oxygen and LED Therapy.

World Class Expertise

Dr De Silva also teaches other surgeons internationally and has contributed to the development of advanced surgical techniques, laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives.


 Facelift & Facial Surgery in London

Facelift Surgery in Harley Street, London


As part of normal ageing, there is a combination of some drooping of the skin of our face and neck with the loss of volume and elasticity. This results in jowls, loss of a smooth jawline as well as laxity of the neck skin.

A facelift and neck lift can rejuvenate your facial appearance by turning the clock back, reversing signs of facial ageing, lifting sagging of facial soft tissues and skin, correcting the loss of a sharply defined neck and lifting deep facial lines that have occurred as a consequence of a facial droop.

Eyelid surgery in Harley Street, London


Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is the most commonly performed cosmetic operation that Dr De Silva completes for patients. As a combination of ageing and genetics, the skin and muscle around the eyelids loosen, thus resulting in loose skin, puffiness and dark rings that may give you a tired appearance. In addition, there are often changes in the anatomy that results in puffiness owing to fat protruding into the eyelids forming bags in the lower and upper eyelids.

Dr De Silva focuses on meticulous technique to ensure a natural looking result.

Vertical Face Restore - London, Harley Street

De Silva’s Signature
Vertical Face Restore 7 (Deep Plane Facelift & Neck lift)

This compelling facial ageing treatment represents the culmination of a decade of work for Dr. De Silva. He refers to it as the Vertical Face Restore-7 (Deep Plane Facelift & Neck lift), involving seven steps to help patients achieve a rejuvenated appearance that makes them look at least seven years younger.

The preferred candidate for this procedure exhibits signs of facial ageing, including drooping, gravity along the jawline, and loose skin, while maintaining good overall health.

Rhinoplasty in London Before & After Results


Dr De Silva has found that sculpting the patient’s nose to harmonise their face can make a huge difference in making his patient’s look and feel confident about themself. Nose reshaping, termed rhinoplasty, is an operation of finesse and millimetres that make the difference between a natural-looking result and one that has the trademarks of surgery.

“I focus my attention on utilising specialised techniques through open or closed (hidden incision, also known as endo-nasal) surgery to improve the nasal aesthetics. I consider the key to natural-looking nose reshaping is delicacy and subtlety, less is usually more when it comes to the nose”.

World Class Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Dr Julian De Silva’s Facelift Transformations

Dr De Silva has transformed thousands of faces through his unique surgical techniques. Below is a small sample of some of his transformations.


What our satisfied clients are saying

“I am currently in Dhaka, and I am healing very well. I am extremely happy with the results and it looks so natural that everyone says I look much fresher but no one can put a finger on the reason why. I just wanted to thank you again, and also ask if I can resume taking my Vitamin E and Omega 3 supplements.

Thanks you so much!”


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