Male Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Harley Street, London

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for men. Although in principle the procedure is similar in men and women, there are important differences in the male and female upper eyelids that correspond to the underlying facial structure and anatomy.


Male Blepharoplasty

Dr Julian De Silva - Harley Street, London

An attractive and youthful eyelid appearance in a man is different from that of a woman. For men, prominent low brows and a subtle eyelid appearance are both attractive and youthful. Whereas for women, high brows, an increased lid appearance and a high crease in the skin are considered more beautiful.

Male blepharoplasty is more challenging than female surgery as the techniques required to give a natural-looking result are a combination of specialist knowledge and artistic judgment. Dr De Silva is renowned for giving patients excellent results using advanced techniques that foster a natural and conservative rejuvenation.

Everyone is familiar with famous male actors and musicians who look like they have had too much work done. Thus, the key for eyelid surgery in men is, “less is more”.

What is different in male eyelid surgery?

The male eyelid is commonly characterised by a fuller appearance to the upper eyelid, a lower brow position and a conservative amount of eyelid showing. This is different to the female appearance which generally has open eyelids, a greater amount of eyelid showing, and higher, more arched brows.

A low brow is an attractive feature in males. Surgery that elevates the male brow should be conservative, as lifting the brow can result in feminisation of the male face. A cosmetic surgeon who specialises in facial surgery is able to avoid such an appearance.

Why Choose Dr De Silva in Harley Street, London ?

Dr De Silva is a widely credited and celebrated facial plastic surgeon who specialises in the eyes, nose, face and neck areas only, and is known for natural results.

“My focus has and always will be to be the very best at what I do, to continually innovate to provide World Class leadership to all my team, all my patients and all my associates. My mission is to help every patient be the very best version of themself with World-Class services, life-long follow up with complimentary facial aesthetic procedures.”

In a world of increasing complexity and misinformation, his passion has been focused on providing sincere advice, low risk and fast recovery procedures.

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    Only the Face

    By focusing entirely on only facelift & facial cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr De Silva is able to provide the expertise that can only come with specialisation: facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin implants.

    Natural Looking Results

    Dr De Silva is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results.

    Fast Recovery

    Dr De Silva has pioneered the advances in technology to speed up recovery with a combination regenerative medicine techniques, Oxygen and LED Therapy.

    World Class Expertise

    Dr De Silva also teaches other surgeons internationally and has contributed to the development of advanced surgical techniques, laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives.

    Eyelid Surgery Overview

    Dr De Silva’s eyelid surgery techniques?

    • Dr De Silva uses a combination of advanced techniques and innovations in male eyelid lifts. In some cases, he will use a combination of surgery with 3D telescopic surgery and the use of a muscle relaxant to give the best result.
    • Male eyelid lifts require a modified surgery technique that preserves tissues to give a natural appearance
    • The eyelid skin incision should be several millimetres lower than in women. A low skin crease is more attractive in male faces
    • A Natural-looking male brow position is lower than in women, and elevation of the brow is often best avoided or refined to a subtle elevation
    • Use of 3D telescopic surgery for hidden incision and conservative brow elevation
    • Use of muscle relaxant in combination with surgery to give a more effective and long-lasting result
    • Use of blepharoplasty in combination with other procedures to give a natural-looking result: Lower eyelid surgery, Lid tightening (Canthopexy, Canthoplasty), Facial lifting (Rhytidectomy, mid-face lift)
    • Dr De Silva is an advocate of conservative surgery and a “less is more” philosophy in male blepharoplasty, resulting in a natural-looking rejuvenation.

    What type of anaesthesia is used?

    • Dr De Silva uses sedative anaesthesia, also known as “twilight anaesthesia,” which is a combination of local and sedative medications. We have developed our own advanced form of twilight anaesthesia, based on practices in the USA.
    • This specialised sedation uses tiny amounts of four to five sedation medications that cumulatively give a relaxing and safe experience avoid the risks and side effects of general anaesthesia.
    • Twilight anaesthesia has a much shorter recovery period than general anaesthesia, with most patients able to leave 30 to 60 minutes following the procedure. These are the most advanced sedation techniques available, and the optimal option for male eyelid surgery patients.

    Can male blepharoplasty be combined with other procedures?

    Dr De Silva frequently combines upper eyelid surgery with other facial procedures:

    • Blepharoplasty
    • Lower eyelid surgery for puffiness (eye bags)
    • Rhinoplasty (enhance bridge and narrow features of nose, more definition to nasal tip)
    • Chin augmentation and facial balance
    • Facelift (deep plane, natural face lift)
    • Regenerative medicine
    • Volume enhancement with fat transfer.
    • Droopy eyelid (Ptosis correction)

    Revision Male Blepharoplasty

    • Male blepharoplasty is considered a more challenging aspect of eyelid surgery and some general plastic surgeons do not perform it.
    • Over 30% of all Dr De Silva’s patients have previously undergone eyelid surgery and are termed revision procedures. Although more challenging than primary surgery, with Dr De Silva’s advanced techniques the overall appearance and symmetry of the eyelids can often be improved.

    World Class Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

    Male Blepharoplasty Before & Afters

    Dr De Silva has transformed thousands of faces through his unique surgical techniques. Below is a small sample of some of his transformations.


    What our satisfied clients are saying

    “Julian is the “Picasso” of facial cosmetics. He’s charming, has a highly calming bedside manner, he and his team spare no efforts in disseminating all the information relevant to the procedure. Highly professional, business like and skilled. Five stars easily deserved.”

    Daniel Masters


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to go to hospital?

    Blepharoplasty is commonly completed in a general hospital with other surgical procedures. Although this is the norm, it does not lead to an optimal patient experience as the staff are not specialised.

    Dr De Silva has built a custom state of the art facility on Harley Street to enable complete specialisation for every patient. This can avoid issues with hospital-acquired infections, such as MRSA, providing the safest environment for patients.

    Will I look like myself?

    Dr De Silva customises his treatments based on your individual facial characteristics, which will give you a natural appearance. You will still look like you, only better!

    Will people be able to tell?

    Often, patients that have substantial rejuvenation are surprised how friends and family have not been able to tell. You will look less tired and refreshed which many people will put down to you having a good night’s sleep!

    At what age should you get blepharoplasty?

    Older Patients:

    There is no specific age limit for blepharoplasty and Dr De Silva has completed surgery for patients in their late eighties. Key to a successful blepharoplasty is your general health and fitness. We complete a comprehensive assessment of every patient before surgery as safety is always the number one priority.

    Often there may be additional factors to consider with increasing age. These can include dry eyes, eyelid laxity and droopy eyelids (termed ptosis), these may require additional treatments at the same time as blepharoplasty to ensure a successful result.

    Although loose skin, puffiness and lines around the eyelids are commonly associated with facial ageing, there are a smaller proportion of patients who have a genetic predisposition to these changes.

    Younger Patients:

    Lower eyelid bags or puffiness may be present in the late teens and early twenties and can be seen in other family members. The treatment of eye bags in young adults with a negative vector requires specific techniques to avoid lower lid retraction and support the lower eyelid after blepharoplasty, which Dr De Silva has written about extensively.

    Note that lower blepharoplasty is not always necessary if you have very early signs of lower eyelid bags because some patients can be managed with non-surgical techniques.

    Dr De Silva completes lower eyelid blepharoplasty on patients from their late teens to twenties, and some of his patients have travelled long distances as surgeons near their homes have not been able to complete surgery locally.

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