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Why Is Harley Street in London the Best Place for Face Lifting Surgery?

Dec 23, 2021 | The Clinic London

Why Is Harley Street in London the Best Place for Face Lifting Surgery?

Harley Street, London is a famous destination for face lifting surgery.

Harley Street, London is a world-renowned cosmetic destination. From celebrities to athletes, several people trust clinics at Harley Street for face lifting surgery.

It’s no wonder why tons of patients go to Harley Street for their cosmetic and medical needs. With a vibrant history and trusted doctors, Harley Street is home to the top skin clinics in London.

But what exactly makes Harley Street a top destination for face lifting surgery? What makes facelifts from clinics at Harley Street different from the rest? How do you find the best facelift surgeons at Harley Street?

In this article, I will discuss what makes Harley Street famous and what sets facelifts at Harley Street clinics apart. I will also help you choose the best facelift surgeon and show before and after photos of my facelift patients.

Brief History of Medical Practices and Plastic Surgery at Harley Street, London

Brief History of Medical Practices and Plastic Surgery at Harley Street, London

Harley Street, London features a rich medical history.

Harley Street is named after Edward Harley, the second Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer.

In 1715, Harley began building the houses on Harley Street and surrounding streets including Cavendish Square.

The ownership of Harley Street was then passed through the Portland family down to the De Waldens, one of the richest families in Britain.

Harley Street has been long associated with medical prowess, with several private clinics and organisations in the area. These include the best plastic surgeons in the world.

Doctors started to gather at Harley Street in the early 1800s. It’s mainly because they were attracted by the central location and quality housing.

By 1860, there were 20 doctors in the area. By 1914, there were about 200 doctors practicing at Harley Street. After the establishment of the NHS in 1948, the number of doctors increased to around 1,500.

Medical practitioners at Harley Street became the leading authorities in their respective fields. They built specialist clinics, published research, developed research, and became involved in medical societies.

The knowledge and skill of these doctors were then passed down to the next generation of medical practitioners.

Out of the said fields, reconstructive and plastic surgery is one of the most notable. The said field was developed through shared knowledge and pioneering treatments and surgeries after World War 1.

Sir Harold Gillies is often considered the father of plastic surgery after his pioneering surgery on disfigured soldiers during the war.

Where Gillies led, others followed. The proximity to reputable hospitals and knowledge available at Harley Street became a magnet for reconstructive and plastic surgery.

In recent years, cosmetic treatments at Harley Street exploded, thanks to advances in the cosmetic industry and the presence of reputable doctors in the area.

What Made Harley Street Famous for Medicine and Plastic Surgery?

What Made Harley Street Famous for Medicine and Plastic Surgery?

Harley Street, London is well-known for cosmetic procedures like face lifting.

Harley Street became famous for many reasons.

For one, it’s rich medical history that goes as far back as the 1800s made Harley Street more reputable.

Harley Street’s long-standing reputation was so excellent that people fly to London from overseas to see doctors in the area. Currently, Harley Street is one of the most popular cosmetic destinations in the world.

Another factor that made Harley Street famous is diversity. The area is now home to over 3,000 medical professionals and over 200 clinics. Hence, the chances that you’ll find the treatments and specialists you need are high.

With a variety of treatments and disciplines, from surgical to non-surgical ones, Harley Street promotes cosmetic and health tourism.

Whether you are in need of a cosmetic surgeon, osteopath, dentist, dermatologist, gynecologist, or another doctor, you will find a wide range of experts at Harley Street.

Lastly, Harley Street is famous for its quality treatments and services. When you go to Harley Street for treatment, you can get nothing but the best.

What Sets Facelifts From Clinics at Harley Street Apart

What Sets Facelifts From Clinics at Harley Street Apart

Harley Street offers the best face lifting surgery in London.

As I mentioned, Harley Street has a long-standing reputation of having the leading doctors. These doctors include cosmetic surgeons that perform safe and effective face lifting surgery.

Harley Street is also home to the best clinics in London, including The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. I, Dr. Julian De Silva, spearhead the
\clinic. When you get treatment from my clinic, you can expect nothing but the best procedure and customer service.

The facelifts done at my Harley Street clinic are different from the others because of many reasons.

For one, the face lifts at my clinic feature customised, accurate techniques. Each face lifting surgery session gets tailored to your needs, goals, and medical history.

Each patient has unique needs and goals, so each treatment plan must be unique as well.

In addition, the face lifts done at my clinic also feature artistry. Facelift surgeons must use artistic techniques to deliver natural, subtle, and beautiful results.

The face lifts I perform consider the Golden Ratio, a standard of universal beauty. My work involving the said ratio was even recognised by the media.

How to Find the Best Facelift Surgeon

How to Find the Best Facelift Surgeon

Knowing how to find the best face lifting surgeon is a must.

Getting face lifting surgery is a big decision. It can change your life for the better by improving your appearance and what you feel about yourself.

Hence, choosing a facelift surgeon is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. But how exactly do you choose the best facelift surgeon?

The following outlines the things you must do to choose the right facelift surgeon for you:

1. Do Your Own Research

First of all, you must do your own, objective research about facelift surgeons. With several doctors that can cater to your needs, you must know how to sift through your options.

Board certification is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a facelift surgeon. A certification tells you that the surgeon has the necessary skills and training to perform facelift.

You also need to confirm that the facelift surgeon has no history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims.

Moreover, you can find the facelift surgeon’s medical school, training hospital, certifications, and malpractice or disciplinary history on state websites. If not, you can contact the office handling the records.

2. Consider the Facelift Surgeon’s Experience

Experience greatly matters when you’re considering face lifting surgery. The more experience a facelift surgeon has with the procedure, the better your results will likely be.

Many years of quality experience allows the facelift surgeon to safely perform the face lifting surgery and avoid surgical complications.

Asking how many patients the facelift surgeon treated also helps. If you need a certain type of facelift (e.g. deep plane facelift), ask how many of those treatments the surgeon performed.

3. Get Referrals

Referrals are another great way to determine the right facelift surgeon for you.

You can start by asking your primary care doctor for a list of plastic surgeons. You can also ask your family, friends, and other healthcare providers (e.g. nurses and aestheticians).

Once you get a list of excellent plastic surgeons, contact them. After this, narrow down your list to the most qualified facelift surgeons. From there, you can contact each doctor to ask them qualifying questions. Make sure to take your time doing this.

4. Check the Facility

Your doctor’s facility is your facility. For this reason, you must consider the quality of the facility.

Are they using state-of-the-art equipment? Does the facility look clean? How about the tools they use?

These are just some of the questions you can ask when visiting the facility.

Ask these questions when you visit the facility. The quality of the facility is important as patients at top-rated facilities experience fewer complications and recover better. Also, consider if the facility’s location matters to you. If you require tests, consultations, or treatment, having the facility close to home might be beneficial.

5. Surgery Cost

When choosing a facelift surgeon, consider the surgery’s cost. Surgeons who charge very low prices often produce subpar results.

A facelift is an investment for yourself, so you must make sure that your investment is worth your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, you must take note that several factors may contribute to the total cost of your facelift. These factors include the consultation fee, medicines, aftercare supplies, and where the surgery will be performed.

Facelift surgeons with high-notch facilities and more experience also tend to charge higher. However, these surgeons often deliver the best results.

Lastly, you must take note that facelifts are not usually covered by insurance. Hence, you must prepare to foot the surgery bill.

6. Evaluate the Surgeon’s Communication Style

Another important factor to consider when determining the best facelift surgeon is the doctor’s communication style.

You must choose a facelift surgeon who supports your needs & goals and with whom you’re comfortable talking to.

When you first meet the facelift surgeon, ask a question and observe how the surgeon responds.

Does the surgeon answer your question in a way you can understand? Does the surgeon treat you politely?

On top of that, you must observe the staff’s communication style as well.

Do they treat you with respect? Do they answer your questions patiently?

If you answer yes to the aforementioned questions, that facelift surgeon might be the right one for you.

By properly evaluating the surgeons on your list, you avoid making the biggest mistakes when choosing a facelift surgeon.

What to Expect from a Consultation with Dr. De Silva

What to Expect from a Consultation with Dr. De Silva

You can expect many crucial things during a face lifting consultation with Dr. De Silva.

To further help you find the best facelift facility for you, here are the things you can expect from a consultation with me:

1. Personalised Plan

First of all, the treatment plan must be personalised based on your needs, goals, and medical history.

Each face is unique, so the facelift must be tailored to your face. Furthermore, each patient has their own goals.

These goals must be taken into consideration when creating a facelift treatment plan.

By acknowledging the uniqueness of your situation, a facelift treatment plan will produce the results you want.

2. Expertise with the Face

Plastic surgeons have different areas of expertise. Since you are getting a facelift, you might want to choose a surgeon that specialises in the face.

Think about this: when you have a specific concern about your ear, do you go to a general doctor or an ear specialist?

The same thing applies to cosmetic procedures. If you are getting a facelift, it’s best to have it performed by a plastic surgeon that specialises in the face. Fortunately, I have spent decades perfecting my craft, so you can benefit from my expertise.

3. Excellent Artistry

Facelifts are equal parts art and science. The treatment plan of your choice must include an extensive understanding of facial symmetry, harmony, and balance.

Excellent facelift results require an understanding of various facial anatomies and artistry, so you must get a treatment plan that includes technical and artistic principles.

Fortunately, the facelifts done at my clinic include artistic principles. I use artistic techniques to deliver natural, subtle, and beautiful results.

In particular, the face lifts I perform consider the Golden Ratio, a standard of universal beauty.

4. Compassion and Integrity

When making treatment plans, your facelift surgeon should prioritise your needs and well-being above others. You must feel comfortable trusting your facelift surgeon as a person who will help you reach your goals.

So, look for a treatment plan made by a surgeon who talks to you to understand your needs and goals. During your consultation, you will get an explanation of what will happen, your options, the risks, and what you can expect.

5. Proven Track Record of Success

Your facelift treatment plan must also be backed by a proven track record of success.

To do this, I can show you before and after photos, success rates, and patient testimonials.

If I was referred to you by a family member or friend, ask them to narrate their experience with me.

Face Lifts Before and After Photos

This section shows the face lifts before and after photos of my patients.

Female face, before and after Face Lift treatment, front view, patient 1

Patient 1: Aging affected this patient’s skin. Her skin was sagging before the facelift. After the surgery, the patient looked younger. Her skin became tighter and smoother.

Male face, before and after Face Lift treatment, front view, patient 2

Patient 2: Before the surgery, this patient in his 60s suffered from sagging and wrinkles. The facelift surgery rejuvenated his face. In the after photo, the patient looks younger and refreshed.

Female face, before and after Face Lift treatment, front view, patient 3

Patient 3: This patient suffered from sagging skin on her face and neck. Her eye bags were also noticeable. After the surgery, the patient’s sagging skin was gone. Her skin also became tighter and smoother.

Female face, before and after Face Lift treatment, oblique view, patient 4

Patient 4: This patient in her 50s was bothered by the signs of ageing showing on her face. She was also disturbed by her tired appearance. Her post-surgery photo shows a younger appearance and an overall better skin condition. Her wrinkles and fine lines were also visibly eliminated.

Female face, before and after Face Lift treatment, front view, patient 5

Patient 5: This patient suffered from sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. After the surgery, her skin was lifted. Her fine lines and wrinkles were also eliminated.

Face Lifts Before and After Patient Testimonials

Face Lifts Before and After Patient Testimonials

Reviews of patients who had face lifting surgery help you decide which surgeon to pick.

“I am a 53 year old male. After researching the market thoroughly I decided to approach Dr Silva regarding my saggy jowls. His schooling in America and his friendly personality were important to me.

Two months later I had a chin implant and a neck and face lift. The procedure went well and the results 3 months later are amazing. I look fresher, younger and my face has definition. I would highly recommend Dr Silva.”

– Graham Rudder
Source: Birdeye

“As a GP I was very anxious about my decision to proceed with face lift surgery even given Dr De Silva’s excellent credentials and charming manners.

I needn’t have worried. My whole experience was of the highest order. The staff were all delightful and extremely helpful throughout. The procedure was carried out under sedation and I recall very little of it. The effects were exactly as I had asked and hoped for – I have had years taken off my appearance without it appearing obvious that I have had ‘work’ done. I could not recommend Dr De Silva more highly.”

– GP Patient
Source: RateMDs


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Dr. Julian De Silva is a renowned and highly skilled facial plastic surgeon based in Harley Street, London. With a reputation for excellence in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. De Silva is the founder of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Specialising in procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery, he is known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to achieving natural-looking results. 

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Finding the most reputable facelift expert is never easy. Therefore, you should always research the best surgeons in your area and ask plenty of questions. Dr De Silva is a facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, global educator, with a track record of doing procedures for top celebrities. He is based at world-renowned Harley Street in Central London and specialises in three main procedures: Facelift and Neck lifts, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty.

By specialising in only the face, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting premier results. Dr De Silva achieves natural-looking results for his patients using the latest regenerative technology, so they can heal quickly and look their absolute best. No matter what your reason for wanting a cosmetic treatment is, Dr De Silva and his team are here to help. To find out more information about Dr Julian De Silva and his work, check out our website.

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