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What is facial mapping? Can science help make me more beautiful?

Mar 15, 2020 | Tips on Cosmetic Treatments

Is it possible to define beauty? Why do we find one person more attractive than the other? Is it possible to enhance our face in a non-surgical way to meet objective beauty standards?

These same questions led Dr Julian De Silva, world-renowned facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon, to a pioneering study and utilisation of the Phi Golden Ratio to scientifically evaluate the human face. As a result, he uses a customized facial mapping technique, along with non-surgical treatments, to enhance facial beauty in his Harley Street, London office.

What is face mapping?

Face mapping comes from a Chinese and Ayurvedic practice to assess overall health by looking at facial skin. The underlying belief is that facial skin issues are linked to other parts of the body, such as malfunctioning organs or imbalanced hormones. This technique has evolved over the centuries and is used today to accurately assess the condition of the skin to design the best treatment plan.

How does face mapping work?

Face mapping divides the skin into 14 different skin zones, such as forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and ears. It also takes into account the differences between the left and right side of the face, the spacing between the facial features, and analyzes symmetry. Combining this traditional technique with modern cosmetic expertise allows for a thorough skin evaluation and comprehensive treatment plan. Dr De Silva, London expert in advanced surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, takes face mapping a step further to include the Phi Golden Ratio of beauty.

Measuring beauty: the Phi Golden Ratio

People have always been interested in beauty and making beautiful things. The ancient Greek used a mathematical ratio to measure beauty and harmony. This golden ratio was used in Greek architecture, famous renaissance paintings and is the basis for Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, his definition of the perfect male body. In his search for a tool to objectively measure beauty, Dr De Silva applied this Golden Ratio of beauty to the human face with customized face mapping at his Harley Street office in London.

Mapping the beauty of famous people

Dr De Silva´s pioneering UK study has led to interesting world-wide discoveries. According to this Golden Ratio, Robert Pattinson has the world’s most handsome face. Other actors such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt score high in meeting these beauty standards as well. The most interesting part about this striking research? It is not only possible to understand natural beauty, but also to effectively enhance it with non-invasive facial cosmetic treatments. Objective measurement in combination with skilled artistry makes natural beauty more accessible for everyone.

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Are you curious about this Golden Ratio? Want to learn more about the treatments that enhance your natural beauty, such as the Signature Phi-Lift? Dr De Silva is a facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in London, Los Angeles and New York. He now offers comprehensive non-surgical treatments at his Harley Street office in London to enhance the Phi Golden Ratio for your face. Schedule your consultation online today.

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Dr. Julian De Silva is a renowned and highly skilled facial plastic surgeon based in Harley Street, London. With a reputation for excellence in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. De Silva is the founder of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Specialising in procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery, he is known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to achieving natural-looking results. 

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Finding the most reputable facelift expert is never easy. Therefore, you should always research the best surgeons in your area and ask plenty of questions. Dr De Silva is a facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, global educator, with a track record of doing procedures for top celebrities. He is based at world-renowned Harley Street in Central London and specialises in three main procedures: Facelift and Neck lifts, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty.

By specialising in only the face, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting premier results. Dr De Silva achieves natural-looking results for his patients using the latest regenerative technology, so they can heal quickly and look their absolute best. No matter what your reason for wanting a cosmetic treatment is, Dr De Silva and his team are here to help. To find out more information about Dr Julian De Silva and his work, check out our website.

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