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Vertical Face Restore: Solve All Your Problems With One Procedure

Vertical Face Restore: Solve All Your Problems With One Procedure

Are you considering vertical face restore? Maybe you've seen pictures of celebrities who have had the procedure and want to know more about it. Perhaps you just want to be more confident. Whatever your reason is, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll talk about...

Who Is the Most Handsome Man in the World?

Who Is the Most Handsome Man in the World?

    The Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton has charmed viewers worldwide with his impressive build and enthralling dialogue. It turns out, his looks are equally stunning. Dr. Julian De Silva, a cosmetic surgeon from Harley Street, has used advanced computer...

What Are Hooded Eyes?

    Whether it's due to the wheel of time, inherited traits, or medical issues, hooded eyes can make you look older and tired, even when you’re actually younger and well-rested. If you're frustrated by your hooded eyes, many cosmetic treatments can make them...

Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Nasally Voice?

      Rhinoplasty, or fondly known as a nose job, can change your nose’s shape, size, and overall look. While often performed for cosmetic reasons, rhinoplasty can also solve breathing difficulties and other functional nasal issues. One lesser-known...

Who Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

    Jodie's acting has won the hearts of people everywhere. Now, her looks are turning heads too. Using modern digital face-mapping technology created by Dr. Julian De Silva, a cosmetic surgeon from Harley Street, it was found that Jodie's face is 94.52%...

Facelift Key Questions

      A facelift significantly enhances your appearance by tightening and lifting sagging skin, smoothing wrinkles, and giving you a younger-looking and fresh appearance. In this article, I’ll discuss what you need to know and answer before having a...

Can You Get a Proper Facelift Without Stitches?

    Also known as rhytidectomy, surgical facelifts produce a younger-looking face and skin. This technique reduces sagging skin, smoothes fine lines, and eliminates wrinkles on the cheekbones and jawline. Patients who undergo this procedure appear refreshed...

Worst Cosmetic Procedure Trends of 2022

    Many procedures are crafted to uplift an individual's innate beauty and boost self-assurance. However, a few trends from the past year might not be the best choice moving forward. Let's delve into the lesser-admired cosmetic procedures from 2022 and...

Top 15 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

    Many celebrities have gone under the knife. Some of them worked, but others didn’t. However, some of them received the worst transformation backlash over the years and have come to regret their decisions. I'll walk you through the 15 celebrities with...

Do You Have a Pointy Nose?

    A pointy nose can mess with someone's facial symmetry and other features. Even just a little bit of hump can make your face unbalanced. Since the nose is a central feature of the face, it has to look balanced and proportionate. In some cases, an...

Do You Think You Have a Small Nose?

    Small noses are considered attractive, especially if it fits the other facial features of a person. In this article, I will talk about small noses, why many people consider them to be attractive, and what treatment you can get. What Does a Small Nose...

Plastic Surgeon Insights: Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2022

    Cosmetic procedures have helped millions of people all over the world regain their confidence and self-esteem. Both cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons can help you regain yourss, but there is a little difference. In this article, we’ll discuss the...

Achieve the Perfect Nose by Following the Golden Ratio

    The Golden Ratio, first defined by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1500s, is sometimes referred to as the "divine ratio" because of its apparently pre-planned beauty in nature. In short, it's a mathematical formula used to determine how beautiful something is....

Types of Nose and How It Can Affect Rhinoplasty Surgery

    If you're planning to have a nose job or rhinoplasty, knowing how nose shapes affect the surgery helps. In this article, I'll talk about the types of nose and how they can affect surgery. I'll also show you before and after photos of people who went...

Are You a Great Candidate for a Corner Lip Lift

    From lip augmentation or cheiloplasty to lip reconstructive surgery, surgical facial plastic surgery has been known to be a permanent solution to cosmetic issues. Another treatment called lip reduction procedure involves removing some of the lips to...

Ready to Get Rid of Lines Under Eyes

    Many people have wrinkles. They are a normal component of the ageing process and are completely safe. Your skin's natural ability to repair itself decreases as you become older. Due to this, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner and more susceptible...

Your Options for Droopy Eyelid Treatment

    Eyelid drooping, also called ptosis or blepharoptosis, is caused by the eyelid's edge being lower than normal, the presence of excess baggy skin in the upper eyelid, or a combination of both conditions. The malfunctioning levator muscle, responsible for...

Why Choose Dr De Silva in Harley Street, London ?

Dr De Silva is a widely credited and celebrated facial plastic surgeon who specialises in the eyes, nose, face and neck areas only, and is known for natural results.

“My focus has and always will be to be the very best at what I do, to continually innovate to provide World Class leadership to all my team, all my patients and all my associates. My mission is to help every patient be the very best version of themself with World-Class services, life-long follow up with complimentary facial aesthetic procedures.”

In a world of increasing complexity and misinformation, his passion has been focused on providing sincere advice, low risk and fast recovery procedures.

    As Featured in Logos for Harley Street Clinic - Dr Julian De Silva

    Only the Face

    By focusing entirely on only facelift & facial cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr De Silva is able to provide the expertise that can only come with specialisation: facelift and neck lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin implants.

    Natural Looking Results

    Dr De Silva is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results.

    Fast Recovery

    Dr De Silva has pioneered the advances in technology to speed up recovery with a combination regenerative medicine techniques, Oxygen and LED Therapy.

    World Class Expertise

    Dr De Silva also teaches other surgeons internationally and has contributed to the development of advanced surgical techniques, laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives.

    Contact Details
    Call: 020 8748 2860
    Email: info@drjuliandesilva.co.uk

    23 Harley Street
    London, W1G 9QN, UK

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    Dr Julian De Silva
    5 stars based on 458 reviews

    5 Star Ratings for Dr Julian De Silva

    Renowned expert in Facelift/Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Signature techniques in Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Facelift surgery. Expert in revision surgery and in natural looking results

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