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Eye Bag Surgery: Risks, Complications, and Side-Effects

Jul 29, 2021 | Blepharoplasty

permanent solution to eye bags with surgery

Eye bag surgery is a permanent solution to eye bags.

When people look at your face, they usually look at your eyes first. But what if your eyes are attractive yet filled with eye bags? This is where eye bag surgery comes in.

Eye bag surgery is the best solution to your problems. It’s permanent and more cost-effective in the long run. But before you get eye bag surgery, there are some things you need to know.

In this article, I’ll talk about eye bag surgery, how the procedure goes, its benefits, recovery, and risks.

What is Eye Bag Surgery?

eye surgery enhances the appearance

Eye bag surgery is also known as lower blepharoplasty.

Eye bag surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. It is a surgical procedure aimed to enhance the appearance of the eyes.

There are two main types of blepharoplasty― upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty.

Upper blepharoplasty is done on the upper eyelid. It aims to enhance your look by lifting your eyelids. On the other hand, lower blepharoplasty is done on the lower eyelid. It aims to enhance your look by reducing your eye bags.

While lower and upper blepharoplasty focus on different areas, the two cosmetic procedures often complement each other. A full blepharoplasty procedure enhances your eyes’ overall appearance by balancing your upper and lower eyelid.

For the sake of this article, I am focusing on lower blepharoplasty or eye bag plastic surgery.

As you age, your skin’s elasticity naturally decreases. The fat padding deteriorates as well. These make your lower eyelid look puffy, saggy, and wrinkled. As a result, your eye bags become prominent.

As you may well know, prominent eye bags make you look older. It also makes you look tired or grumpy all the time. These effects can become more severe as you age. Thus, it’s important that you have surgery to remove eye bags as soon as you can.

Benefits of Eye Bag Surgery

smooth skin under eyes after surgery

Eye bag plastic surgery has many benefits including a smoother under eye.

Here are five benefits of eye bag plastic surgery:

1. Lower blepharoplasty reduces your eye bags.

Eye bags are often misunderstood as a product of allergies or lack of sleep. That’s not always the case.

More often than not, eye bags are a result of lower eyelid fat prolapse. It’s a condition in which the fat around the eye socket comes forward. Consequently, the fat appears in the lower eyelids. This is when your eye bags become larger.

However, this condition is a natural part of the ageing process. There’s not much you can do about it. That is unless you get cosmetic treatments.

The top benefit of lower blepharoplasty is reduced eye bags. In particular, this procedure removes the excess fat pockets under your eyes. As a result, your eye bags disappear.

2. Eye bag surgery gives you a smoother under eye.

Under eye wrinkles are one of the most common problems of ageing people. It also aggravates other signs of ageing such as crow’s feet. Eye bag surgery can help solve this.

After your eye bags are removed, the cosmetic surgeon will sew the skin back. This tightens the skin under your eyes. As a result, you get a smoother under eye.

3. Eye bag surgery enhances your eye’s shape.

Eye bag surgery can also enhance your eye’s shape. This works best with complementary procedures like upper blepharoplasty and deep plane facelift.

As the excess skin and fat around your eyes get removed, your eye’s shape becomes more prominent. This also rejuvenates your eyelids. As a result, your eyes become more attractive.

If you think that your eye’s shape needs improvement, consult me to know your options.

4. Eye bag surgery can improve your vision.

Your vision can be affected by heavy eye bags.

Extra weight can strain your eyes. The same thing happens when there’s excess skin on your upper eyelids. Together, these problems can make it difficult for you to see properly.

If you experience these problems, it’s best to have complete blepharoplasty for your upper and lower eyelids. The removal of excess fat and skin helps improve your vision.

5. Eye bag surgery reduces skin irritation.

People often use excessive makeup to hide their dark and heavy eye bags. Over time, this makes their eyes irritated. Worse, it will make it dry and wrinkled.

Eye bag surgery can help solve this problem. Removal of eye bags means that you don’t have to use makeup in excess. As a result, the skin under your eyes becomes less prone to irritation.

6. Eye bag surgery gives you a younger, refreshed look.

Less eye bags, smoother under eyes, and enhanced eye shape make you look more alive. This makes you look younger and refreshed.

In general, the eye bag benefits mentioned above lead to a youthful glow that you can’t achieve otherwise. This makes surgery to remove eye bags a great investment.

When you have a youthful glow, your self-esteem increases as well. You also become more confident and ready to face any challenge. In addition, it enhances the way people treat you and how you treat them.

Eye Bag Surgery: The Procedure

procedure smooths eye bags

Depending on your goals, you might have to go under procedures that complement eye bag surgery.

Plastic surgery under eye bags is an effective way to look younger and alert. Although there are non-surgical treatments like under eye fillers for mild cases, surgery is your best option. It’s the best way to treat moderate to severe eye bags.

There are several techniques for lower eyelid surgery or eye bag plastic surgery. The necessary techniques depend on your needs and goals. It also depends on your eye condition and anatomy.

To give you an idea of what to expect during the procedure, I’ll explain how the removal of eye bags usually goes.

Prior to the procedure, I mark the target area. This helps me know exactly where to make the incisions. The marks are an accurate guide for the operation.

Then, I will administer sedation anaesthesia. This is the best anaesthesia for eyelid surgery. I use it because it is safer than general anaesthesia. It also facilitates faster recovery.

During eye bag surgery, I open a fibrous layer called the orbital septum. This reveals the eye’s orbital fat pockets.

Eye bags develop because of fat pushing forward. Thus, I take a conservative approach to fix it. I immediately transfer the fat below the eyelid to the cheek. This process is called fat transposition.

Once the fat and excess skin are removed, I will stitch the skin up. This tightens and smoothens your under eye.

To improve the result, I use a canthopexy stitch to support the lower eyelid. This stitch is not visible and dissolves a few weeks after the surgery.

Depending on your goals, you might have to go through other complementary procedures. Call us to know what complementary procedures best suit you.

Eye Bag Surgery Recovery

recovery process

There are some things you can do to speed up your eye bag surgery recovery.

Eye bag surgery is a major surgical procedure. However, there are things you can do to promote recovery and have less downtime. Here they are:

● Put an ice bag on the affected area.

Place an ice bag or frozen peas on the affected area for 10 minutes every day after the eye bag surgery. This helps reduce swelling and bruising.

● Get a lot of rest.

Make sure to rest after the surgery. Take things easy. Get the recommended 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night. This helps your cells regenerate faster.

● Elevate your head when you sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, elevate your head while you do. This helps prevent further swelling. In addition, make sure to sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on the affected area.

● Avoid intense activities.

You must avoid intense activities like running and lifting after the surgery. As a rule of thumb, you must wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks before doing intense activities.

● Take your medication as instructed.

Your cosmetic surgeon might give you medication to help your recovery. Take them as instructed. Never skip a dose.

Risks and Side Effects of Eye Bag Surgery

side effects of treatment

Risks of eye bag plastic surgery include bruising and swelling.

Though this rarely happens, you might have dry eyes after eye bag surgery. However, it only lasts for a week. If this persists for weeks, consult your doctor.

In addition, eye bag plastic surgery can cause bruising and swelling. However, they usually go away one to two weeks after the surgery. You should not be alarmed by them unless they persist for many weeks.

My patients’ vision returns back to normal right after the eye bag plastic surgery. They usually return home right after the procedure. Many of them also go back to work or school on the same or the next day.

Best Eye Bag Surgery London

no scar eye bag surgery

Dr Julian De Silva offers the best eye bag surgery London.

I, Dr Julian De Silva, is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon. I operated on celebrities and published several journals about facial surgery. I was also featured on famous magazines and TV shows like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, BBC, and CNN.

In addition, I specialise in facial procedures, making me an expert in the field. I have more than 22 years of experience. In addition, I have 1,530 patient reviews with an average rating of 5/5 stars, making me one of the best cosmetic surgeons in London.

Moreover, I use certain techniques so you get out of my clinic with the least scars. I hide the scars under areas that are not easily visible to the naked eye. This is why you can go out once the bruising and swelling heal.

Lastly, my clinic takes pride in providing post-operation support. You can call us anytime while you are recovering. Staff members and I are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have after the surgery.


Eye bag surgery is an effective way to remove your eye bags. Aside from that, it also smoothens your under eye, improves your vision, enhances your eye shape, and reduces irritation.

Given these, eye bag surgery is the best long-term treatment for large eye bags. However, you need to have a consultation before an eye bag surgery.

During our consultation, I will walk you through the process and discuss your options. I’ll also check if you are an ideal candidate for surgery to remove eye bags. Once everything is cleared, you can schedule your surgery.

Are you ready to have eye bag surgery? Give us a call today!

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