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Can You Get a Proper Facelift Without Stitches?

Jan 23, 2023 | Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy), Facial Volume Restoration


Facelifts can involve minimally invasive techniques or require multiple stitches.


Also known as rhytidectomy, surgical facelifts produce a younger-looking face and skin. This technique reduces sagging skin, smoothes fine lines, and eliminates wrinkles on the cheekbones and jawline. Patients who undergo this procedure appear refreshed after the operation.

Facelifts generally require stitches after the procedure. It also involves altering tissues beneath the skin and removing skin, which requires minor cuts and incisions. Contouring the face through this procedure gives a more youthful look at the expense of temporary stitches and tapes.

But can you get a facelift with just one stitch? In this post, I’ll discuss the famous one stitch facelift and its benefits. I’ll also answer the most frequently asked questions about it.

What Is the Least Invasive Facelift?

Non-surgical face lift procedures require no stitches, while a one-stitch mini facelift involves the least invasive techniques.


Non-surgical face lift treatment options do not involve invasive techniques. They vary in terms of aesthetic modifications, effectiveness, and recovery time. Depending on your goals, your cosmetic surgeon can recommend a wide range of noninvasive facelift procedures with minimal downtime.

These non-surgical procedure options include Botox injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion. Each procedure gives natural-looking facelift-like results depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

However, the least invasive surgical procedure involves two small incisions in the sideburn area called the one-stitch mini facelift. This mini lift helps improve cheek elevation and reduces nasolabial folds, jowls, and skin laxity.

As the name suggests, this mini facelift requires only shorter stitches with dramatic enhancements to the mid face and other treatment areas.

How Good Are Non-Surgical Face Lifts?

Non-surgical face lift options offer lower costs and risk, shorter downtime, and natural-looking results.


A non-surgical face lift produces a more youthful appearance with fewer risks, costs, and downtime. These techniques focus on volumising and plumping the treatment area without a tiny incision to give a more natural effect. They can be performed in the clinic for a shorter period compared to surgical treatment options.

This type of face lift also extends to the recovery period and aftercare routine. Plus, non-surgical procedures allow you to resume your work and responsibilities with next to no disruption.

However, remember that these procedures have shorter-lasting results compared to major surgery. They also require multiple touch-ups and sessions to extend or maintain the initial results.

Does One Stitch Facelift Work?

A recently popular technique called a one stitch mini facelift lifts the mid face and lower face.


A one-stitch mini facelift gives you rejuvenating effects on your mid face and lower face without undergoing the full procedure of surgery.

If you only have minor skin issues like excessive skin, minimal folds, creases, and lines, a one stitch mini facelift is an excellent alternative. It uses less invasive techniques with a minimal recovery period.

The one stitch facelift can be performed under local anaesthetic which significantly reduces the risks of a full surgical face lift. A more subtle result compared to its surgical counterpart gives a more natural-looking improvement to the face.

The recovery period usually takes a week or more.

What Is a Non-Invasive Facelift?

Non-invasive facelift options require no incisions and give the upper face a younger look after treatment.


Non-invasive facelifts involve skin treatments with minimal to no invasive techniques involved. This set of non-surgical procedures gives similar effects to a surgical facelift.

However, their results usually last shorter than a full surgical facelift and require additional sessions for maintenance.

Botox injections, chemical peels, dermal fillers, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and other noninvasive treatment options address multiple skin concerns. These include excess skin, nasolabial folds, jowls, and other skin issues caused by natural ageing and other external factors.

Botulinum toxin injections, also called Botox, help relax muscles to minimise wrinkles. The treatment gives skin improvements that last up to three months.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion target the outer layer of the skin. They exfoliate the upper skin cells to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These treatment options require multiple sessions to achieve the most effective results.

On the other hand, micro-needling and laser skin resurfacing both stimulate the production of collagen to produce younger-looking skin. They target our body’s natural healing process to replace older skin cells with younger ones.

These non-surgical procedures can give you a face lift without undergoing surgery.

What Is a One Stitch Face Lift?

A one-stitch mini facelift involves fewer incisions while giving you the desired face lift.


The one stitch facelift draws inspiration from old Hollywood, where celebrities use tape to pull their skin on the upper face upward. It targets the sideburn area where the skin is pulled and anchored using the patient’s own skin tissues.

The recovery time for this technique is short. Older patients can usually resume their normal routine after a day or two. It produces minimal bruising, swelling, and scarring that disappears after a week or two.

What Are the Benefits of a One Stitch Secret Facelift?

Patients who want minimal surgery can undergo one stitch secret facelift to achieve a more refreshed look.


  1. Long-lasting results

A one stitch facelift involves minimally invasive techniques to pull the skin in the treatment area.

It gives a long-term result similar to that of its surgical counterparts. The cosmetic improvements of this procedure can last up to five years.

  1. Fewer risks

The procedure requires shorter incisions and can be performed under local anaesthetic.


This significantly reduces the health risks that come with full surgery. It also focuses on the sideburn area to limit visible bruising, scarring, and swelling.

  1. Immediate visible results

The results of a one stitch facelift can be observed immediately after treatment.

These positive results and facial improvements result from pulling and anchoring the skin in the treatment area.

  1. Minimal side effects

The treatment area only involves sideburns to pull and anchor the skin tissues.


It requires fewer incisions than surgical treatment. The procedure results in mild swelling, bruising, and scarring.

  1. Shorter downtime

A one stitch facelift can be performed in under an hour with a local anaesthetic.

As a result, the recovery period is extremely short. Patients can return to their daily activities a day or two after the procedure.

What Is the Difference Between a One Stitch Facelift and a Temporal Facelift?

A one stitch facelift and a temporal facelift target different parts of the face with coinciding treatment areas.


While both involve local anaesthetic and incisions in almost similar areas in the face, these two procedures produce better results in their intended treatment areas.

A one stitch facelift places shorter incisions in the sideburn area to improve the middle and lower facial areas more effectively. On the other hand, a temporal facelift dramatically enhances the upper area of the face.

Both procedures have minimally invasive techniques and extremely short downtimes.

Why Do Patients Choose to Have One Stitch Secret Facelift?

A one-stitch mini facelift is an excellent alternative for patients who don't want to undergo full facelift surgery.


  1. Address early signs of ageing

People with early signs of ageing can opt for a one-stitch facelift to have a more refreshed look without undergoing full surgery. The procedure takes less than an hour to perform with a local anaesthetic.

  1. Minimal health risks

One-stitch facelifts give dramatic facial improvements with fewer health risks due to the techniques employed. It involves shorter and fewer incisions on the sideburn areas compared to full facelift surgery.

  1. Long-term effects

It gives minimal scarring, bruising, and swelling that lasts only up to a week. Results from this procedure can last up to five years, depending on your skincare routine and healthy habits.

  1. Fast recovery period

This procedure has minimal downtime. Patients can usually return to work and their responsibilities a day after the treatment. Less visible scarring, swelling, and bruising can be observed, but they disappear after a week.

What You Need to Know About Thread Lifts

A thread lift tightens skin in the treatment area using invisible, dissolvable barbs and sutures.


A thread lift is a treatment that uses temporary sutures to create a faint but noticeable “lift” in the skin. Only a board certified plastic surgeon should stitch up the thread lift treatment sites to suspend the skin.

In addition, patients don’t need their loose skin to be surgically removed during the thread lift procedure. However, stitching the treatment area produces a more youthful look. This has the effect of lifting the skin back to lift and tighten the face.

Threads combat ageing in an alternative way. In addition to elevating the skin, it induces the body’s healing response.

It also causes the body to direct massive surges of collagen to treated areas, including the facial tissues. This is significant since collagen is essential in ageing gracefully.

  1. Stimulates collagen production

A thread lift initiates the body’s healing process to stimulate collagen production. Collagen, as a major component of the skin, gives the skin its strength, hydration, and elasticity. As our body ages, collagen levels diminish over time.

This results in sagging skin and lower skin laxity. As such, most skin-improving treatments employ collagen-stimulating techniques and ingredients to give you a more refreshed, younger look.

  1. Uses sutures or barbs to pull the loose skin

The procedure uses dissolvable barbs or sutures to pull the skin in the treatment area. It threads these painless sutures underneath the skin. This gives a firmer, smoother skin and a younger-looking appearance.

This treatment can be used to improve the forehead and neck areas.

  1. Addresses skin concerns in specific areas

Thread lifts target areas prone to skin loosening due to our body's natural ageing process.


It can be used in the jowls and jawline, brow line, under-eye area, forehead, cheeks, neck, and even torso.

The treatment also helps lift and tighten breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy.

  1. Low-risk procedure

A threat lift has minimal health risks and downtime. Patients can experience slight bruising, swelling, bleeding, and mild pain in the treatment areas. These side effects disappear after a week.

Patients can return to their daily routines as soon as possible.

  1. Less expensive than a surgical face lift

Thread lifts cost less than surgical facelifts. Surgeons estimate that it can cost 40% less than a full surgery while achieving the desired aesthetic goals. Patients can opt for this cost-effective treatment to get facelift-like results and improvements.

Before and After Pictures

Here are some before and after pictures of my patients:

This woman had disliked the appearance and general sagginess of her neck for more than 10 years.


This woman had disliked the appearance and general sagginess of her neck for more than 10 years. She was very anxious about undergoing treatment, and although had been offered non-surgical treatments, no treatments had made any real difference to her neck and face.

After extensive consultation with Dr. Julian De Silva, she has a full face lift and neck lift.

The next set of photos at six weeks after the full face lift shows resolution of all of the early bruising and 95% of the swelling. The patient’s post-surgery photo also shows dramatic rejuvenation. Multiple people commented on how refreshed she looked but could not tell she had surgery since the result looks natural.

This patient had my signature facelift and neck lift. He came to me after deciding to take action to change his look.


This patient had my signature facelift and neck lift. He came to me after deciding to take action to change his look. As a consultant plastic surgeon, I advised him to open up, so we can properly assess his situation.

As you can see in the photo, his skin became tighter and younger-looking. The results also looked subtle and natural, as if he didn’t go through surgery. The patient was also so happy with his lifted appearance and said that Dr. Julian De Silva was one of the best plastic surgeons who took the time to study his face.

This patient had noticed an increasingly tired appearance including jowls, a saggy neck, multiple wrinkles, and lines in her skin.


This patient had noticed an increasingly tired appearance including jowls, a saggy neck, multiple wrinkles, and lines in her skin.

She came to me, Dr. Julian De Silva, since he’s one of the best plastic surgeons in the UK.

After extensive consultation, she had a facelift under sedation anaesthesia. This helped her recover more quickly after surgery. I also reduced soft tissues with reshaping of the neck and jaw angle to give her a more youthful look.

The photo on the right shows the patient only two weeks after surgery. While the photo shows relatively mild swelling, you can see her improved jawline, firmer appearance, and more youthful neck. She was very happy with the results of her surgery.

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