Asian Rhinoplasty- What You Need to Know

Oct 27, 2014 | Asian Rhinoplasty | 0 comments

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A rhinoplasty is a big decision, and rightfully so. The surgery has the ability to severely transform your appearance, affecting more than just your nose. It’s true; a nose job can add structure and definition to your entire face and can re-adjust the look of your surrounding features. It is for this reason that you should always consult a specialist- a surgeon with extensive experience in treating a range of patients. In this way, your surgeon will know precisely how to adjust his or her technique to design a nose job best suited for you.   Specifically, a good surgeon will have the ability to conform the new nose in line with particular cultural and ethnic connotations that come alongside a person’s look. When conducting an Asian rhinoplasty, for example, the doctor should be aware of the common ailments patients seek to change and should have experience in correcting those distinct conditions. In an Asian rhinoplasty, the implications are vastly different from those that are included in a traditional Caucasian rhinoplasty or African American rhinoplasty. Over the years, I have learned to polish and refine my approach to this nose job accordingly. Among the most popular adjustments that I have witnessed in past Asian rhinoplasty patients include:

  • A enlarged nose with or without the presence of a nasal bump that can be reduced and made more feminine with surgery
  • A large or wide nasal tip which can be shaped and refined with surgery
  • A high nasal bridge that affects both a person’s frontal appearance and their side profile, can be reduce in size to be in proportion with facial features
  • Thicker skin, which can result in increased swelling can require reduction during rhinoplasty

Each of these changes requires a particular set of knowledge and skills on the part of the surgeon. Throughout my professional career, I have honed the techniques of surgery I employ when performing an Asian rhinoplasty to heed the most natural results. I know that patients are often concerned with avoiding a nose that looks “fake,” but this generalization can mean something different for every nose and within every ethnic makeup. So, when looking to enhance the look of the patient’s nose with an Asian rhinoplasty, I am dedicated to achieving natural results while maintaining my patients’ ethnic identity. I want to give you a better version of your same nose, so that the surgery will not be obvious to either people that you know or to people that you may meet after your nose job.   If you are thinking about undergoing an Asian rhinoplasty, I will be happy to consult with you in my London office. This is your one-on-one time to ask me any questions about your Asian rhinoplasty and to address any concerns about moving forward with your procedure. To schedule your appointment, simply call 020 8748 2860.

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