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Top 15 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

Jan 2, 2023 | Celebrity Plastic Surgery


Public scrutiny and plastic surgery always go hand in hand.


Many celebrities have gone under the knife. Some of them worked, but others didn’t.

However, some of them received the worst transformation backlash over the years and have come to regret their decisions.

I’ll walk you through the 15 celebrities with terrible plastic surgeries in this post.

15 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

Here are the top 15 celebrities with horrible plastic surgery results:

1. Meg Ryan

American actress Meg Ryan touted as "America's Sweetheart" had a terrible transformation.


Source: The Mirror

Meg Ryan, who’s known for her sweet, innocent look, unveiled a dramatically different look in recent years.

Ryan appeared in various romcoms and series in the 80s and 90s that matched her bubbly personality. It was a time that demonstrated her external and internal beauty.

However, female heroine roles eluded the actress in recent years. She decided to go for the classic “real housewife” look and changed the natural grace she had during her prime. Her new appearance sparked debates among fans and the general audience about whether she got work done.

The most obvious thing Meg Ryan got done is the cheek filler or fat transfer to her cheeks. It looks too much because the apples of her cheeks look full and large.

When she smiles, the filler seems to move up, making her eyes look smaller. Meg Ryan also looks masculine because of the volume placement in her cheeks.

Meg Ryan also had too much Botox on her forehead, which dropped to the brows over time. As a result, her eyes look smaller. She also looks like she had too many facelifts, making her face shape look way different from before surgery.

It’s safe to say everyone misses her cute innocence in the 80s and 90s.

2. Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle is an American actress best known for her role as Dona Hayward in Twin Peaks.


Source: Yahoo

Boyle made a name for herself in movies and television with her old-style Hollywood grace. Her iconic role in the Practice (1997-2004) catapulted her into stardom.

Her rose to fame landed her roles in critically acclaimed films and garnered the love and support of the public eye.

But since then, Boyle has made headlines primarily due to dramatic facial changes. Many speculate that they happened due to multiple plastic surgeries.

Unfortunately, you can’t recognise her anymore with the recent work done on her face. She also made the classic “real housewife” look and changed her appearance forever.

While you can partly blame unflattering photos floating online, her new look shows how damageing too much plastic surgery can do to anyone’s natural beauty.

In particular, Lara Flynn Boyle looks like she had rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, dermal fillers, Botox, and possibly a facelift and brow lift.

She should have refrained from having more procedures since she wouldn’t have benefited from more work done on her face.

However, Boyle got more fillers for her face, particularly on her cheeks and lips. As a result, she got an overfilled face that’s unfortunately not flattering.

3. Tara Reid

Tara Reid's appearance in the classic teen comedy American Pie put her on the Hollywood radar.


Source: RadarOnline

Reid’s role in the film cemented her status as a star. She was on her way to stardom as a young actress. Her television roles in The Big Lebowski (1998) jumpstarted her career and propelled her to fame.

However, the big botched job scheme came after her infamous nip slip in 2007. Thousands of photos of the incident surfaced online, revealing large, square areolas. The public also taught that she had the ugliest breasts in the world.

She confirmed that she wanted to level out her uneven breasts, but the work done was unappealing. Eventually, Tara Reid opened up about her botched breast augmentation and liposuction that left ripples on her stomach.

Following the failed plastic surgeries, she opted for stomach liposuction and donut mastopexy for damage control.

Unfortunately, Reid failed to balance out the earlier work done for her. After her ordeal, she vowed not to go under the knife again unless absolutely necessary.

Nevertheless, she still has a loyal following to give her love in her recent emergence in films.

4. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke started his Hollywood career with plenty of talent and promise.


Source: People

This American actor first appeared in Body Heat (1981) before showing his acting prowess in his proceeding films. It’s nothing new to compare Rourke’s work with the likes of James Dean or Robert de Niro.

His re-emergence in the 2000s with prominent roles in Sin City (2005) and The Wrestler (2008) solidified his status in Hollywood.

Plus, he was once known as one of the film industry’s most handsome stars. Unfortunately, plastic surgery made his career dwindle.

With his “bad boy” persona in 80s cinema, a botched plastic surgery changed the public perception of him. The general audience argues that he had cheek and chin implants. He lost his original “tough guy” packageing after the surgery.

In 2009, Rourke admitted that his looks changed because of botched plastic surgery. He said most of it was done to mend his boxing injuries. However, he went to the wrong guy to put his face back together, resulting in an extremely changed look.

Recently, Rourke received plenty of Botox treatments and bizarre styling that erased his glorified “bad boy” days. His reputation in the 1990s was of a promising young actor gone tragically awry.

5. Courteney Cox

Courtney Cox and her iconic role in the 90s sitcom Friends made her a household name.


Source: Nicki Swift

As a former model, the actress’ beauty and fire are worth gracing magazine covers.

Fans loved her attempt to transition to film fame through Scream (1996) and her re-emergence in television through Cougar Town (2009-2015).

However, her plastic surgery, fillers, and Botox distract from her naturally blue eyes and grace. Her new look now shows a more socialite vibe. Plus, her leading role in Cougar Town somehow became her facade in recent years.

It’s also possible that Cox had a mini facelift, a widely popular procedure that offers more natural results than the dramatic facelifts of the 1980s. Courtney Cox’s fillers, especially on the lips and cheeks, also look overdone.

In an interview, Cox confessed that she chased youthfulness by getting work done on her face. She later regretted the results.

As a result, Cox decided to have all her fillers dissolved to embrace her natural look. Unfortunately, the marks of her many plastic surgeries are still evident all over her face.

6. Lil’ Kim

Without a doubt, Lil' Kim is one of the brightest, most powerful women in hip-hop.


 Source: Nicki Swift

Legally known as Kimberly Denise Jones, Lil’ Kim is born in 1974. Many people consider Jones as a pioneer American rapper and songwriter. She became popular in the mid-1990s as a member of the hip-hop group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Thanks to her debut album, “Hard Core,” she became more well-known as a solar artist in 1996.

Aside from her talent and skill in music, Jones is also known for her colorful and provocative fashion style. This made Lil’ Kim a pop culture reference, inspiring thousands of aspiring artists to follow in her footsteps. 

However, Lil’ Kim shocked a lot of people when she performed on MTV with a new face.

Unfortunately, people can easily forget her command of the stage in “Notorious B.I.G.” after her lip surgery and a series of facial surgeries.

On top of that, her fanbase hardly recognises her. This speaks volumes, especially in front of the people who adore you the most. It also means Lil’ Kim had too much work done.

Staying relevant in the scene can be challenging as more female rappers rise to fame. Unfortunately, Lil Kim’s multiple attempts to fix her perceived natural flaws took her commanding presence and gorgeous natural look away.

Plus, you know something’s wrong when people talk about your terrible plastic surgery over your rap in recent years.

7. Carrot Top

Carrot Top, born Scott Thompson, does like to be the butt of the joke as part of his stand-up comedy schtick.


Source: Youtube

It’s nothing new to target him for his mop-like red hair.

However, a glaringly obvious plastic surgery can be enough to put him under public scrutiny more than his comedic persona.

Besides his outlandish comedy stints and often brazen jokes, Carrot Top’s look also went under the microscope in recent years.

When Carrot Top reemerged more than ten years ago, appearing noticeably different, fans immediately speculated that he went under the knife. His appearance was almost not recognisable at that time.

However, Carrot Top claimed that the change in his looks was out of a strict gym routine, not plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, his recent look completely changed her clown-like appearance. His iconic look secured his starring role in the film Chairman of the Board (1998), but nowadays, people can’t stop talking about how much his appearance changed beyond unrecognisable.

8. Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston comes from a renowned family of celebrities that set her up for a life of fame and glamour.


Source: Wikipedia

Born to the famed actor, writer, and director John Huston and Italian-American model Enrica “Ricki” Soma, Huston’s transformative roles can shut critics up with her sheer will and determination.

Her natural grace and sophistication landed her a role and an Academy Award in Prizzi’s Honor (1985). She also played the iconic Morticia Adams in The Addams Family (1991), cementing her Hollywood status.

Her facial reconstruction reduced her beauty into a series of negative headlines concerning her private life. She sold a house in 2011 and has since appeared with a brand-new look on the red carpet. Separating this surprising behaviour from her terrible plastic surgery in recent years is challenging.

9. Donatella Versace

Italian fashion icon Donatella Versace took charge of the company in the late 90s with a new look.


Source: Deccan Herald

This fashion designer contributed iconic works to the fashion industry. She set her eyes on making Versace one of the household high-end, sophisticated brands.

Versace went through multiple procedures trying out different looks. It shows how being rich and famous can only do you so much with terrible lip surgery and too much Botox.

Donatella is almost unrecognis able because of the cosmetic procedures she gets regularly. At some point, her skin became so shiny, which is a sign of too much Botox. As a result, she got a laser skin resurfacing treatment, which worsened things.

The lines between her mouth and nose are also so prominent. This suggests that she has too much filler in her cheeks. On top of that, Donatella’s lips have been done too much that they’re no longer proportionate to her face.

She got so many lip filler injections that her top lip has no definition. It also looks like she didn’t give more time between lip treatments and didn’t follow a conservative approach.

If you Google her pictures from 1993, you’ll see how unrecognisable her face is. Even though she has aged, her recent look is far from her natural appearance.

Plus, journalists say that Donatella treats plastic surgery like new shoes or handbags that she can buy anytime.

10. Michael Jackson

Michael lived most of his life with his natural-born look.


Source: The Mirror

The late “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, contributed excellent and memorable works to the world. However, his contributions don’t seem enough for industry racism and public scrutiny to target him daily.

His insecurities and public opinion prompted him to change his looks in the early 80s. He received multiple sessions of male rhinoplasty, which almost erased his nose. He also used skin treatments to lighten his skin colour.

Michael Jackson admitted to having rhinoplasty because of an accident. He also said that he had surgery so he could breathe more properly. Over time, he had more work done on his face, including chin surgery, cheek implants, and eyelid surgery.

Unfortunately, his botched surgeries and excessive skin treatments impacted his legacy. Despite this, Michael Jackson is still one of the greatest artists of all time.

11. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore is a famous trans figure and model in New York.


Source: Paper Magazine

Lepore flaunts her extreme plastic and reconstructive surgeries as her “life’s work.” Now 55, Leopre was born a boy. She grew up in Ceder Grove, New Jersey, and began transitioning at 15.

Her transition includes a long, silicone-paved road. Lepore went from being a kid obsessed with Marilyn Monroe to being the toast of Manhattan (she makes her living performing burlesque, modeling, singing, and hosting).

She received multiple breast augmentations, butt implants, and rib surgery to make her waist appear smaller. However, Lepore is transparent about the process.

Instead of looking like the girls who bullied her when she was young, she decided to look like a movie star. Lepore took command of her aesthetic goals. Her look demonstrates how obvious and plenty of her plastic surgeries are.

The world labeled her “the most expensive body in the world” for this reason. Lepore had surgery on almost every part of her body that can be altered.

12. Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and country music icon.


Source: Nicki Swift

Kenny Rogers first became a household name because of his country songs. He first became a celebrity in Nashville, thanks to his handsome face and harmonious voice that anyone can easily recognise. He then went on to build one of the most famous restaurant chains in the 90s. Unfortunately, the results of his botched cosmetic surgery left his fans shicked.

You see, Rogers was loved by fans and well-known for his rugged, masculine look in the 70s. Like many artists, Rogers had cosmetic surgery to enhance his naturally handsome face. However, Rogers said that he regrets having his face done in his more recent interviews.

In particular, Rogers went under eyelid and brow lift surgery, which unfortunately changed his look dramatically. Due to these procedures, Rogers seemed to have lost his masculine appearance. Many cosmetic surgeons also said that Rogers’s plastic surgeon lifted his brows too much, making the angle look unnatural.

Most doctors blame his surgeon’s preferences that led to his new look. The mix of blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and brow lift proved unflattering to the singer.

13. Heidi Montag

Producers love to work with Heidi Montag.


Source: Life & Style

This blonde, blue-eyed, and thirst-for-fame rising reality TV star rose to fame in her role as Lauren Conrad in The Hills (2006-2010). She became one of the most sought-after reality TV stars in the late 2000s due to her gorgeous looks.

However, she underwent at least ten cosmetic surgeries in 2010 in one day. She opened up about the pain and emotions she went through during her multiple procedures. While she claims everything worked out, she was transparent about how the entire experience got out of hand.

She said the experience was shocking. Her goal to only have a few enhancements turned out to be a daunting and painful 2010 experience for her.

These procedures include a mini brow lift, forehead Botox treatment, nose job, cheek fillers, chin reduction, liposuction in the neck, ear alterations, breast augmentation, waist liposuction, hips and inner thigh reconstruction, and buttock augmentation.

14. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers loved plastic surgery and claimed she had multiple procedures over the years.


Source: The Mirror

Unfortunately, most of them didn’t work.

In 2010, at 23, Rivers revealed that she underwent ten cosmetic procedures in one day, including a chin reduction, brow lift, and Botox injections.

This beloved American comedian, host, and actress paved her way into stardom with her natural beauty. However, it comes as no surprise when plastic surgery enters the equation. She had multiple procedures like facelifts, neck lifts, and blepharoplasty, to name a few.

In a recent interview with her husband Spencer Pratt, Montag said she was too young to make a life-changing decision. She said she was under so much pressure from what she saw on the internet.

But Rivers said that everyone should take plastic surgery seriously. For her, the recovery was devastating. Her heart even stopped for a bit, which made her more transparent about the work she got done.

15. Jennifer Grey

The audience loves seeing Jennifer Grey's on-screen performance exuding versatility and talent.


Source: Vanity Fair

Her role in the coming-of-age film Dirty Dancing (1987) established (and eclipsed) her career as a brilliant actress. She became a teen sensation overnight, and millions of teenage girls looked up to her in her prime.

Her iconic role as Baby in Dirty Dancing proved challenging for her growth as an actress. It was tough for her to shake off the character from public perception. She struggled to find an opening in the industry to further her career.

Moreover, a botched rhinoplasty surgery gave her an even more difficult time in Hollywood. The dorsal hump removal separated her from her character, Baby, but affected her chances in other movie roles. She won Dancing with The Stars in 2010 with a loyal fanbase continuing to back her up.


Celebrities continue to show us how fame and money can only get you so far. It takes one disastrous plastic surgery to mar their careers (and some legacies) forever.

While facial and body enhancements can help you feel comfortable in your skin, some that go out of hand can immediately become a terrible experience. These celebrities exemplify these unwanted scenarios.

However, it’s worth noting that “your body, your rules” still apply. Just be ready to face the consequences if the surgery doesn’t deliver the aesthetic goals you want to achieve.

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