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Achieve the Perfect Nose by Following the Golden Ratio

Dec 5, 2022 | Nose Re-Shaping (Rhinoplasty), Tips on Cosmetic Treatments


The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula used to describe a perfect face.


The Golden Ratio, first defined by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1500s, is sometimes referred to as the “divine ratio” because of its apparently pre-planned beauty in nature.

In short, it’s a mathematical formula used to determine how beautiful something is.

This post outlines the relationship between the Golden Ratio and the perfect nose.

The Golden Ratio and the Perfect Nose

The nose width and nose length are taken into account for the Golden Ratio.


The Golden Ratio is used for determining the ideal nose shape. When combined with the competent, technical expertise of a skilled plastic surgeon, you can achieve your aesthetic goals.

There is a reason why people seeking rhinoplasty, non surgical rhinoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty spend so much time evaluating different plastic surgeons before deciding on the surgeon who will operate on their nose.

If only a few mathematical ratios were required to achieve the optimal nose form, plastic surgeons would not be nearly as crucial.

Ideally, the ratio of 1 to 1.618 applies to the nose width and nose length, respectively.

What Is an Attractive Nose?

Men and women have different standards to qualify for an attractive nose.


According to studies, a button nose is the ideal female nose shape. It is raised at the tip and has a narrower nasal bridge.

A button nose is a small, round nose that resembles the shape of a button. This nose shape is highly feminine and is frequently wanted by ladies seeking a nose job.

Its tip should be at a 90-degree angle with the top lip for the ideal male nose. Long, straight noses that point down are often seen as good-looking for men. If the end sticks out just a little bit (by two millimetres), it’s also liked by many.

Who Has the Perfect Nose in the World?

Most celebrities are considered to have perfect noses, according to a plastic surgeon group.


While this is regarded to be the ideal nose shape, it is vital to note that there is no such thing. Every face is unique, and we must examine each individual’s facial proportions.

As such, individuals with a nose shape in terms of width, length, nose tip, nostril size, and angle are considered ideal.

Does the Nasal Tip Matter for the Perfect Nose?

You must consult the plastic surgeon if the nasal tip and a deviated septum affect your goals.


The size, shape, and protrusion of the tip determine much of the nose’s aesthetics and beauty.

However, for other people, the tip is perfectly good and should be left alone. You and your surgeon can decide on tip adjustments together.

In some cases, the nasal tip has to be adjusted to achieve facial balance. In other cases, a chin implant is needed to match your nose. However, you should be careful of fake chin implant procedures and only work with certified cosmetic surgeons.

Is a Perfect Nose Straight?

 A straight nose promotes facial harmony and an ideal shape, according to doctors and many patients.


This nose type is thought to be attractive, as it is ideal for both males and females and is regarded as the perfect nose by surgeons. However, beauty is always subjective and in some cultures, even noses that aren’t straight are deemed attractive.

Plastic Surgeons Say These Are the Most Sought-After Celebrity Noses

Most patients ask their plastic surgeons to make celebrity noses their reference points for their cosmetic surgery.


Bella Hadid

Like Kate Beckinsale, Bella Hadid has a smooth nasal bridge with a slightly upturned tip.


Like Kate Beckinsale, Bella Hadid has a smooth nasal bridge with a slightly upturned tip. However, just because her nose is ideal for her doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone.

Plastic surgeons claim she is frequently cited in their profession as well. She had a significant rhinoplasty with a clearly created ski-slope and ‘done’ look.


Beyonce has a nice nose with just enough fullness at the tip. For this reason, patients love her natural-looking nose.


Beyonce has a nice nose with just enough fullness at the tip. For this reason, patients love her natural-looking nose.

Repairing a bulbous nose tip to get a nose like Beyonce, which appears to have a slight  ball at the end, is considered one of the most difficult cosmetic nose procedures.

When executing this challenging procedure, the rhinoplasty surgeon either narrows or inserts cartilage for stability and better definition.

Jodie Comer

Patients admire Jodie Comer’s precise upturn of the tip. For this reason, many patients love Comer’s nose.


Patients admire Jodie Comer’s precise upturn of the tip.

The secret to getting Comer’s nose is to not have too much of the nostrils exposed. A nice alar might also be needed to match the narrow bridge of the nose, just like Comer’s.

For a patient to have this, rhinoplasty procedures may be required to strengthen the ligaments and repair the tip by adding, removing, or rearranging cartilage. However, no two noses are alike because it is determined by the patient’s cartilage and skin.

Choosing a Nose Shape and Nose Size When Considering Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery takes into account the symmetry of your facial features with your nose, including your nose width, length, and chin.


One of the most difficult problems for surgeons is identifying what the patient wants from their procedure. To acquire what you want, you must comprehend and adhere to a specific formula.

Because everyone has a unique face, determining the qualities and characteristics of a nose that will suit a certain face can be challenging. In general, most people wish to adjust a few items that they regard as reference points.

To begin with, most people desire a narrow nose. As a result, narrowing the overall breadth is a critical component of rhinoplasty.

Another desirable trait is an ideal nasal tip. Many people have thick nasal skin, which causes the nose tip to be round rather than pointed.

The nostrils are intended to transport air into the lungs. It does, however, play an important function in the aesthetic appearance of the face. Alarplasty can aid in the creation of identical smaller or symmetrical nostrils.

The angle between the base of the nose and the top half of your upper lip is the main factor for defining an optimal nose. This can help distinguish a more feminine or masculine nose.

Finally, your nose should complement the rest of your face. A beautiful nose with asymmetrical facial features wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Ensure the Best Results From Your Rhinoplasty

Most patients focus on understanding what to expect after surgery, but you should start learning about healing sooner.


Prepare for a safe and smooth procedure by first studying how to prepare for rhinoplasty.

It is critical to take any surgery seriously in order to minimise risks and enhance the outcome. A good recovery is dependent on preparing your body and mind ahead of time.

Qualified and skilled plastic surgeons understand that each patient has unique requirements. They have significant expertise in performing rhinoplasty treatments and assisting the patient in preparing for successful procedures.

Always consult your plastic surgeon about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Post-Rhinoplasty Patients

This woman received filler therapy and was dissatisfied with the shape of her nostrils and the asymmetry of her nose.


This woman received filler therapy and was dissatisfied with the shape of her nostrils and the asymmetry of her nose. She went to me and underwent rhinoplasty under anaesthesia.

At my clinic, every patient’s procedure is given enough time. It took time to remove the filler, and the procedure was over an hour longer than anticipated. The patient was delighted with the outcome though, and you can see how her nose became way better.

This 20-year-old woman disliked the size and form of her chin and nose.


This 20-year-old woman disliked the size and form of her chin and nose. She sought a surgeon with an aesthetic vision who could also enhance the appearance of her nose and face.

She got rhinoplasty with chin augmentation under sedation anesthesia following a thorough consultation with me, Dr. De Silva. I corrected the lower third of her face with chin augmentation and contoured her nasal bridge by lowering the high bridge to create a smooth and level bridge.

The after picture, which was taken six weeks following surgery, demonstrate enhanced facial harmony and balance as well as a more feminine nasal bridge and curved tip.

The unusually large size and form of this woman's nose tip worried her.


The unusually large size and form of this woman’s nose tip worried her.

In an open rhinoplasty, I shaped the cartilage in the patient’s nasal tips and added support for the bridge of her nose with sculpted grafts.

The “post” shot reveals a more refined nasal tip, a mild elevation of her nose, and a shorter nose, all of which look natural and improve the harmony of her facial features.

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